Museum mission

The mission of the Simon Paneak Memorial Museum (SPMM) is to serve the people of the North Slope Region as dynamic repositories and conveyors of traditional cultural knowledge, values and skills by collecting, recording, preserving, documenting, displaying and interpreting artifacts and other associated materials relating to the history, culture and traditions of the Inupiat people.

General information

The purpose of the Museum is to collect, preserve and display artifacts, objects and associated materials such as photographs, written documents, audio and video recordings and other information relating to the history, culture and lifestyle, both past and present, of the Nunamiut Inupiat. This is accomplished by the presentation, dissemination and interpretation of these materials through public exhibitions, educational programs and continuing research.

SPMM goals:

  • The primary goal of SPMM reinforce and support our sense of cultural identity and awareness by serving as a resource and focal point for the elders and educators of the community to pass traditional knowledge, skills and values to our young people.
  • Another important goal is to become the primary resource center and clearing house for information that has been gathered by visiting scientists concerning the Nunamiut Iñupiat.
  • An additional goal is to serve as an informational and educational resource for visitors who are unfamiliar with the Brooks Range environment, or the historical and culture traditions of the Nunamiut.
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