Department Mission

The Mission of the Planning and Community Services Department is to protect the land and cultural resources of the
North Slope Borough (Borough) by creating a department that is recognized as a leader in:

  • Establishing means to protect the land and wildlife resources within the borough;
  • Regulating and monitoring development;
  • Managing borough-owned real estate;
  • Planning for future growth and infrastructure;
  • Enhancing community sustainability and overall health;
  • Supporting local traditions and lifestyles.

General Information

The department is responsible for administrating the Planning Commission and the Utqiagvik Zoning Commission, managing the use of borough-owned lands and natural resources for the benefit of the Borough. The department is also responsible for maintaining a traditional land use inventory of all lands within the Borough to protect cultural resources from development. Land use regulations and comprehensive planning are used to manage environmental, health, social and economic impacts of land use for residents.
The Planning staff provides support to other departments on a variety of issues and projects including Borough Economic Profile and Census report and new venture opportunities through the land management and 9039 enterprise funds. The Planning staff also engages with the oil and gas industry to ensure compliance with the Borough Municipal Code or ordinance(s) to achieve long-term financial projections.



Chastity Kayutak Olemaun, Planning Director
Phone Number: (907) 852-0320
Fax Number: (907) 852-0322

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