Department mission

The CIPM Department mission is to implement the Borough’s Capital Program by utilizing Borough employees as well as various professional services contractors and utilizing best industry standards and audit requirements.

General information

The Department of Capital Improvement Program Management shall perform all functions relevant to the implementation, management and administration of the Borough’s Capital Improvement Program.


  • Implement the CIP Program as approved by the Assembly and directed by the Mayor Support and compliment the Administration’s vision by partnering with Borough departments, local entities and residents to provide economic growth, employment opportunities and upgraded infrastructure, all geared toward reducing operating costs.
  • Monitor and participate in the Six Year Capital Improvement Plan process.

Duties and Power of the Director of Capital Improvement Program Management:

  1. Administer the Borough’s Capital Improvement Program and implement the duties set out in the Capital Improvement Program budget ordinance.
  2. Perform and exercise all powers incident to the duties of the office as prescribed by state and federal law, this code of ordinances and such other duties not in conflict therewith as may be assigned by the Mayor.
  3. Have authority over and direct, through intermediate supervision, the activities of the divisions of the Department and the performance of their respective functions.
  4. Prescribe policy and procedure, with the approval of the Mayor, as may be necessary for the efficient and effective operation of the Department.



Bernadette Adams, Director
Phone Number: (907) 852-0489
Fax Number: (907) 852-0257

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