The mission of the Department of  Finance is to ensure the financial integrity in a manner that meets or exceeds regulatory standards.


The mission of the Clerk’s Office is to provide timely, dependable support services for the Assembly and to ensure the integrity of elections and public responsibilities.


The CIPM Department mission is to implement the Borough’s Capital Program by utilizing Borough employees as well as various professional services contractors.


The Fire Department mission is to preserve life and property using volunteers and career personnel to deliver medical help, rescue, fire suppression and prevention.


The Health & Social Services Department mission is to provide culturally safe care to the residents of the North Slope Borough.


The Mission of the Housing Department is to develop, maintain and make available affordable housing options for all North Slope Borough residents.

The mission of the Department of Human Resources (HR) is to provide administrative services in the areas of human resources.

The mission of the Department is to document, preserve and perpetuate the history, language and culture of the North Slope Region.



The Law Department gives conservative advice on the Borough’s legal issues in an effort to prevent litigation and to litigate when necessary.


The Borough Mayor, as the Chief Administrative Officer, is responsible for the proper administration of all Borough affairs.


The Mission of the Planning and Community Services Department is to protect the land and cultural resources of the North Slope Borough.


The mission of the Department is to create safe and healthy communities, to be respectful of all cultures and people, and to preserve the unique quality of life.


The mission is to plan for, finance, construct, operate and maintain transportation related facilities and activities within the boundaries of the North Slope Borough.


The mission is to sustain and improve the quality of life for the Borough residents by providing a wide range of cost-effective and well-coordinated municipal services.


The SAR Department is committed to providing safe and reliable airborne response to medical evacuation, search and rescue missions, and other emergencies.


The Department of Wildlife Management facilitates sustainable harvest and monitors populations of fish and wildlife species.

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