General information

The Borough executive and administrative power is vested in the Borough Mayor. The Borough Mayor, as the Chief Administrative Officer, is responsible for the proper administration of all Borough affairs.

The Borough Mayor shall:

  1. Appoint all department heads and Mayor’s Office staff.
  2. Supervise and execute enforcement of Borough laws.
  3. Prepare the annual budget and Capital Improvements Program as adopted by the assembly.
  4. Direct and supervise the administration of:
    • The functions of Borough officers and employees;
    • The care and custody of all Borough buildings and of all real property of the borough, including educational facilities;
    • The construction, maintenance, and operation of all borough roads, bridges, drains, buildings and other public works;
    • Appoint members of the Borough commissions for terms prescribed by ordinance, subject to confirmation by the Assembly;
    • Execute all other powers or duties specified in the North Slope Borough Charter or lawfully prescribed by the Assembly.


To schedule a meeting with Mayor Josiah Patkotak, please contact Joanne Simmonds, or you can contact someone at (907) 852-0200.

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