General information

The Central Office provides administrative, outreach, and policy support to the Mayor and the Borough as a whole.

Central Office staff assists the Mayor in such areas as:

  • Formulation and administration of Borough policies.
  • Establishing official Borough policies and positions relating to state and federal issues.
  • Projects of Borough-wide importance.
  • Communication with the villages and the public.
  • Policy guidance to all departments.
  • Tribal Affairs assistance to tribal entities.
  • Assistance to residents, departments, and outside entities in dealing with issues and formulating policy.
  • Department re-focusing and re-structuring efforts.
  • Support and participation in regional activities, such as Arctic Economic Development Summit (AEDS) and the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission.
  • Support and participation in international activities, such as Inuit Circumpolar Conference (ICC) and the International Whaling Convention (IWC).


Esther Evikana, Chief Advisor to the Mayor
Phone Number: (907) 852-0200
Fax Number: (907) 852-0337

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