General information

Special Projects is a division in the Mayor’s Central Office. The mission of Special Project is to ensure that long-term planning, development projects and activities are completed so as to:

  • Direct appropriate development in a manner that promotes public health, safety, welfare and economic stability.
  • Protect access to subsistence resources, as well as the resources themselves.
  • Consider and identify restoration and rehabilitation objectives for oil & gas areas once they are no longer viable.
  • Guide local, state and federal entities in their decision-making regarding the North Slope.

Special Projects also coordinates the Borough’s official policies on issues that address environmental, social, and economic impacts to the North Slope. The division interacts and coordinates closely with the departments of Law, Planning and Wildlife Management in preparing recommendations for Borough positions.

The division also monitors agency and industry positions and responses as they relate to the North Slope Borough as well as working to ensure that communities are involved and informed throughout the decision-making process on ongoing and future projects.

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