General information

IHLC is happy to offer Rosetta Stone Iñupiaq program to learn the Iñupiaq language. We offer this service to the public completely free of charge.

For new users:

  1. Sign up for an account by filling out a Registration Form.
  2. Sign and email your form to or turn in your form to the front desk at IHLC during working hours.
  3. Once the form is submitted, we will assist you from there.
  4. Once you have your account, you can sign on to the application through your mobile device, or access though our online version at Rosetta Stone Iñupiaq Online.

Rosetta Stone Iñupiaq App

Rosetta Stone Iñupiaq is now available on your smart phone or tablet! Download “Rosetta Stone Learn Languages” application on your mobile device and login using the credentials provided by an administrator.

If you need instructions on how to log in to the mobile version, click here.

Enjoy learning Iñupiaq!


If you have any questions or have trouble logging in, feel free to contact IHLC at (907) 852-0422.

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