General information

The Iñupiat Heritage Center (IHC) brings people together to promote and perpetuate Iñupiat history, language and culture. This dynamic interaction between the Iñupiat and their environment fosters the awareness, understanding and appreciation of the Iñupiat way of life from generation to generation.

The Heritage Center promotes tourism and supports Iñupiat artists by providing a place in which to work on and showcase arts and crafts. It also serves to support the whaling traditions of the Iñupiat by making available the Traditional Room for construction or repair of traditional whaling boats and other subsistence tools.

The Heritage Center provides a place for cultural revitalization efforts as well as serving the departments of the borough through its services and by providing meeting space for public events. Our multi-purpose room and classroom are available to rent for hosting events from outreach classes to department meetings.



Give us a call at (907) 852-0422 for more information.

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