North Slope Borough Board and Commissions


(A) The Borough Mayor is empowered to establish and name an advisory board when an advisory board is necessary to comply with the requirements of grants, state or federal regulations and other mandates; when a program administered by a department of the North Slope Borough would benefit from the advice and counsel of an advisory board comprised of representatives of the citizens they serve; or on such other occasions when an advisory board could serve a useful purpose in planning formulations or in reserving community issues or concerns.
(B) An advisory board may be established by the Mayor on his own order or upon the request of a department director. The establishing document shall bear the Mayor’s signature and shall set forth the name, specific purpose, composition and all other pertinent information related to the advisory board.
(C) The document establishing an advisory board shall be maintained in the files of the Borough Clerk.

(Ord. 95-01, passed 3-7-95)

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