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Health Board Member Alternate
VACANT (expire 12.31.2026), Anaktuvuk Pass Nolita Madros (expire 12.31.2026)
Molly Ahkivgak (expire 12.31.2024), Atqasuk Jennie Kippi (expire 12.31.2024)
Foster Simmonds (expire 12.31.2024), Utqiagvik
Megan Edwardsen (expire 12.31.2024) Utqiagvik
Rochelle Leavitt (expire 12.31.2024)
Candace Kaveolook (expire 12.31.2026), Kaktovik VACANT (expire 12.31.2026)
Dorcas Nashoalook (expire 12.31.2025), Nuiqsut Eunice Brower (expire 12.31.2025)
Caroline Cannon(expire 12.31.2025), Point Hope Mary Jane Attungana (expire 12.31.2025)
VACANT (expire 12.31.2024), Point Lay Sophie Tracey (expire 12.31.2024)
Madeline Hickman (expire 12.31.2025), Wainwright Raymond Aguvluk, Jr. (expire 12.31.2025)


There is an established Borough Health Board consisting of nine members.

(’75 Code, § 9.24.010)(Ord. 85-2, passed 2-5-85)

§ 9.24.020 MEMBERSHIP

(A) One member thereof shall be appointed from:

  1. Anaktuvuk Pass
  2. Atqasuk
  3. Kaktovik
  4. Nuiqsut
  5. Point Hope
  6. Point Lay
  7. Wainwright

(B) Two members shall be appointed from Barrow.
(C) Each city council or its designee shall nominate one person for their respective village position. Where there is no city council, the North Slope Borough Assembly or its designee shall nominate.
(D) Each city council or its designee shall nominate one alternate for their respective village position. Alternate members shall attend meetings and hold full voting powers when substituting for a regular member.
(E) The Mayor shall appoint or reject each nominee and alternate. Upon rejection, the nominating body shall make another selection.
(F) The appointment of each nominee and alternate is subject to confirmation by the Assembly.
(G) The Director and designated Deputy Director of the North Slope Borough Health Department shall be nonvoting members of the BoroughHealth Board with the right to attend and speak at all Board meetings.

(’75 Code, § 9.24.020)(Ord. 85-2-1, passed 9-9-86)

§ 9.24.030 TERM

(A) Each appointment shall be for a term of three years except that the first term shall be staggered as follows:

  1. Point Lay, one year
  2. Barrow, one year
  3. Atqasuk, one year
  4. Point Hope, two years
  5. Wainwright, two years
  6. Nuiqsut, two years
  7. Kaktovik, three years
  8. Anaktuvuk Pass, three years
  9. Barrow, three years

(B) No member may serve for more than nine consecutive years.

(’75 Code, § 9.24.030)(Ord. 85-2, passed 2-5-85)


The Health Board shall reorganize after the appointment and confirmation of one or more voting members. The Board shall elect a Chairperson, and a Vice-Chairperson and shall comply with the rules which govern Assembly organization and meetings.

(’75 Code, § 9.24.040)(Ord. 85-2, passed 2-5-85)

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