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Board Member Term End
Rebecca R. Brower, Member December 2024
Nicole P. Evans, Member December 2024
Mary Alyce Moss, Alternate Member December 2024


(A) A Personnel Board is created of three members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Assembly. Initial appointments to the Board are for terms of one, two, and three-year terms. Subsequent appointments are for three-year terms. A vacancy in an unexpired term shall be filled by appointment by the Mayor for the remainder of the term. The appointment is subject to confirmation in the same manner as a full-term appointment.
(B) Members of the Board shall be qualified electors of the Borough who are not employees or officers of the Borough. Members shall physically reside within the Borough at the time of their appointment and confirmation, and at least one member of the Board shall physically reside within the Borough but outside of Barrow at the time of their appointment and confirmation.
(C) A board member may only be removed by the Mayor for cause.
(D) A member or alternate member of the Board may receive a per diem allowance and transportation expenses incurred in carrying out his duties. Compensation, per diem, and expenses shall comply with § 2.24.010 of this chapter et seq.

(’75 Code, § 2.20.060)(Ord. 80-26-2, passed 12-7-82; Am. Ord. 80-26-10, passed 11-12-92; Am. Ord. 80-26-11, passed 6-7-94; Am. Ord. 80-26-24, passed 4-6-10)


(A) In addition to the other duties imposed by this chapter, the Personnel Board shall:

  1. Hear and determine appeals by employees in the classified service as provided in § 2.20.180.
  2. Establish its own rules of procedure, subject to approval by the Mayor and adoption by the Assembly (two members constitute a quorum for the transaction of business and two affirmative votes are required for final action on matters acted upon by the Board).
  3. Elect a chairperson from its membership.
  4. Have the power to administer oaths, subpoena witnesses and compel the production of books and papers pertinent to a hearing authorized by this chapter. Subpoenas shall be served and shall comply with Alaska Rules of Civil Procedure.

(’75 Code, § 2.20.070)(Ord. 80-26-2, passed 12-7-82; Am. Ord. 80-26-10, passed 11-12-92)

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