The NSB DWM works with or participates in the following Alaska Native Co-Management Organizations and more:

ABWC Alaska Beluga Whale Committee
NSB-DWM contact: Billy Adams and Robert Suydam

AEWC Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission
NSB-DWM contact:  Billy Adams

AEWC at the IWC meeting in 2006.
AEWC at the IWC meeting in 2006

AMBCC Alaska Migratory Bird Co-management Council                           
NSB-DWM contact:  Taqulik Hepa

ANCC Alaska Nannut Co-Managment Council                                                          
NSB-DWM contact:  
Billy Adams and Taqulik Hepa

CAFF Arctic Council Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna                 
NSB-DWM contact:  Taqulik Hepa

EWC Eskimo Walrus Commission               
Barrow contact:  Charlie Brower
NSB-DWM contact:  Billy Adams

Eskimo Walrus Commission meeting in Barrow.
Eskimo Walrus Commission meeting in Barrow

ISC Ice Seal Committee                                                                        
NSB-DWM contact:  Billy Adams and Andy VonDuyke

IIBWC Inuvialuit and Inupiat Beluga Whale Commission
NSB-DWM contact:  Robert Suydam

IIPBC Inuvialuit and Inupiat Polar Bear Commission                              
NSB-DWM contact:  Taqulik Hepa and Billy Adams

IIBWC and IIPBC - NSB-DWM collaborates with IGC  Inuvialuit Game Council

IPCOMM Indigenous People’s Council on Marine Mammals                       
NSB-DWM contact:  Taqulik Hepa and Billy Adams

The NSB DWM participates in the following Subsistence User groups and more: 

ADFG Alaska Board of Game                                                                
NSB-DWM contact:  Taqulik Hepa

FSB RAC Federal Subsistence Board  North Slope Subsistence Regional Advisory Council                                  
NSB-DWM information contact: Brian Person

Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve Resource Commission      
NSB-DWM contact:  Taqulik Hepa

IWC International Whaling Commission                                               
NSB-DWM contact:  Taqulik Hepa, Robert Suydam

MMC US Marine Mammal Commission                                                  
NSB-DWM contact:  Robert Suydam

NSSI North Slope Science Initiative                                                        
NSB-DWM contact:  Robert Suydam, Brian Person and Todd Sformo

Polar Bear Range States                                                                                
NSB-DWM contact:  Taqulik Hepa

Spectacled and Steller’s Eider Recovery Team                                              
NSB-DWM contact:  Todd Sformo

Western Arctic Caribou Herd Working Group
NSB-DWM contact: Brian Person

The NSB DWM works with the following agencies  on various projects and studies:

ADFG               Alaska Department of Fish and Game

BLM                  Bureau of Land Management, Alaska         

BOEM              Bureau of Ocean and Energy Managment         
                         BOEM Alaska OCS Region

BSEE               Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement

NMFS              National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Regional Office

NMML             National Marine Mammal Laboratory, Alaska Fisheries Science Center/NOAA

USFWS           Fish and Wildlife Service, Alaska Region