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Tundra Swan

Iñupiaq Name: Quġruk, Qugruk
Scientific Name: Cygnus columbianus

Taken by Brian Person

Taken by Robert Suydam

Greater White-Fronted Goose

Iñupiaq Name: Niġlivik, Niġlivialuk
Scientific Name: Anser albifrons

Taken by Leslie Pierce

Taken by Kate Stafford

Greater white-fronted goslings. Photo by Penelope Chilton

Lesser Snow Goose

Iñupiaq Name: Kaŋuq, Kaŋŋuq
Scientific Name: Chen caerulescens

Taken by Sandy Hamilton

Blue phase Lesser Snow Geese and young. Taken by Leslie Pierce

Canada Goose

Iñupiaq Name: Iqsraġutilik
Scientific Name: Branta canadensis

Black Brant

Iñupiaq Name: Niġlinġaq
Scientific Name: Branta bernicla

Photo by Brian Person


Iñupiaq Name: Kurugaqtaq, Ivugaq, Ukhiukhiuq
Scientific Name: Anas platyrhynchos

Green-Winged Teal

Iñupiaq Name: Qaiŋŋiq, Kurukaaluġusiq
Scientific Name: Anas crecca, A. carolinensis

American Wigeon

Iñupiaq Name: Ugiihiq, Kurugaġnaq
Scientific Name: Anas americana

Northern Pintail

Iñupiaq Name: Kurugaq, Kurugak, Ivugaq
Scientific Name: Anas acuta

Taken by Leslie Pierce

Northern Shoveler

Iñupiaq Name: Aluuttaq, Qailuutaq
Scientific Name: Anas clypeata

Taken by Leslie Pierce near Point Lay in early July (above) and Barrow (below)

Greater Scaup

Iñupiaq Name: Qaqłuktuuq, Qaqłuqpalik
Scientific Name: Aythya marila

Taken by Leslie Pierce at Barrow

Lesser Scaup

Iñupiaq Name: Qaqłuqtuuq
Scientific Name:Aythya affinis

Common Eider

Iñupiaq Name: Amauligruaq
Scientific Name: Somateria mollissima

Taken by Josh London

Common Eider on its nest. Taken by Leslie Pierce

Taken by Leslie Pierce

King Eider

Iñupiaq Name: Qiŋalik, Qiŋaligaaluk
Scientific Name: Somateria spectabilis

Taken by Jed Blumevitt

Taken by Robert Suydam

Spectacled Eider

Iñupiaq Name: Qavaasuk
Scientific Name: Somateria fischeri

Taken by Robert Suydam

Steller’s Eider

Iñupiaq Name: Igniqauqtuq
Scientific Name: Polysticta stelleri

Taken by Robert Suydam

Surf Scoter

Iñupiaq Name: Aiłuqtuq, Aviłuqtuq, Aviłuqtaq, Tuunġaaġruk
Scientific Name: Melanitta perspicillata

Long-Tailed Duck

Iñupiaq Name: Aaqhaaliq, Aaqhaalliq, Aaġaaliq, Aahaaliq, Argiq
Scientific Name: Clangula hyemalis

Taken by Kate Stafford

Taken by Penelope Chilton

Long-tailed duck on nest and eggs in nest, taken by Leslie Pierce on barrier island near Point Lay in early July

Red-Breasted Merganser

Iñupiaq Name: Aqpaqsruayuuq, Paisugruk
Scientific Name: Mergus serrator

Banner photo: King Eiders by Kate Stafford

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