Wildlife Internships

The NSB-DWM has summer internships for college students who are NSB residents and are interested in or currently pursuing degrees in wildlife biology or related fields. Students can “try out” a career before committing to it. These internships provide students with valuable experience working on field projects and gaining a better understanding of our mission at DWM. We look forward to seeing what these college interns choose for a career and we hope to work with them in the future! If you are an ANSEP college student, our internship will fulfill your ANSEP requirements. If you are interested in becoming a Wildlife Intern, contact our office at (907) 852-0350.


Summer 2011:

Katie Roseberry (UAF) working with Todd Sformo on the Elson Lagoon fyke net study

Nicole Kanayurak (Dartmouth College, NH) also working on fyke net study

Nicole Kanayurak helping Craig George take bowhead measurements

Summer 2012:

Nicole Kanayurak during shot gun training

Nicole Smith (Highline Comm. College, WA) getting ready to head out to Cooper Island

Todd Sformo with Ianjon Brower (UAF), heading out to fyke net

Teresa Aiken having fun on Elson Lagoon

Nicole Kanayurak with washed-up capelin found on the beach during beach surveys

Nora Jane Burns and Teresa Aiken at Kaktovik for Polar Bear Patrol Training

Nicole Kanayurak in Tuktoyaktuk, NWT, Canada, for an Inuvialuit-Inupiat Joint Commissioners Meeting with Raphaela Stimmelmayr, Mike Pederson, Enoch Oktollik and Harry Brower, Jr.

Summer 2013:

Intern Jesstin Patterson digging out snare fence for “catching” polar bear fur

Interns Elmer Thompson, Berta Glenn, Ianjon Brower, Sam George and Yosty Storms

Intern Berta Glenn on a seal-sighting cruise

Intern Ianjon Brower assisting with a veterinary treatment on a red-throated loon

Intern Gunnar Carroll assisting biologist Ryan Klmistra with lemming trapping

Interns Berta Glenn and Elmer Thompson with biologist Robert Suydam, prepping birds for study specimens

Summer 2014:

Interns Maggie Sikvayugak, Yosty Storms, Ianjon Brower, research assistant Cyd Hanns, Alicia Itta, Lynette Hepa, and wildlife veterinarian Raphaela Stimmelmayr (in front) taking a break during late spring bowhead harvest

Interns Maggie Sikvayugak and Ianjon Brower heading out to look for seals with Bobby Sarren

Summer 2015:

Intern Dana Chrestman helping with the Qaunnakkutiniq Kids Day at the beach

Summer 2016:

Intern Olive Kanayurak holding a snow goose gosling during Snow Goose Banding at the Ikpikpuk River Delta

Interns Olive Kanayurak and Chan Charoonsophonsak with biologist Todd Sformo and veterinary student Hannah Braden checking the Elson Lagoon fyke net

Summer 2017:

Interns Olive Kanayurak, Chan Charoonsophonsak, and Archie Gordon getting an eider anatomy lesson from DWM wildlife veterinarian Raphaela Stimmelmayr

2017 interns Olive Kanayurak and JakyLou Olemaun with intern alumna Alicia Itta Flores (middle) gearring up for a seal necropsy at the Sitka Whalefest in November 2017

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