Traditional Foods

  • Traditional Food Recipes.
  • More information on Traditional Foods.
  • “Traditional Foods Are Healthy Foods” Poster and Brochure – This poster and brochure were created by the NSB-DWM for the NSB 2010 Health Fairs held throughout the North Slope. Click on the images below to obtain copies of these documents. We also handed out recipes for traditional foods.

Barrow High School Student Project: How to Get Vitamin C in the Arctic

Barrow High School students, Flora Ahsoak and Isabel Edwardson, participated in the Subsitence Foods versus Store-Bought Foods Project. The students helped shop for store-bought items that compared to local foods that are eaten, and then conducted Vitamin C analyses on the foods. They presented their project at the 2004 BHS Science Fair.

Abstract: Vitamin C: Which types of food contain the most vitamin C?

Subsistence Foods versus Store-Bought Foods Video

Barrow High School students studied contaminants and nutritional values of subsistence foods. They conducted surveys of residents in Barrow, asking questions about subsistence foods versus store-bought foods. With the help of John Nusunginya, they produced a short video of their findings. The students were enrolled in the S-Term course with teachers Leslie Pierce and Jason House. Student Crystal Martin also helped with the editing of the video. The students enrolled in the course were Raymond Ahgook, Isabel Edwardson, Alice Glenn, Bernadette Neakok, Kathy Peacock, Phoebe Stine, and Zachariah Sanders.

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