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Iñupiaq Name: maybe Kayuŋŋiuqsruurat
Scientific Name: Chironomus tardus

Chironomid larvae taken by Todd Sformo

Chironomid larvae taken by Todd Sformo

Mosquito Larvae

Iñupiaq NamePamiuqturraq
Scientific Name:

Tadpole Shrimp

Iñupiaq Name: 
Scientific Name: Lepidurus arcticus

Taken by Jo Heathcote

Taken by Craig George

Water Flea

Iñupiaq Name:
Scientific Name: Cladoceran, Daphnia spp.

Cladoceran (water flea), with an ephippium or egg pouch, found in Middle Lagoon in Barrow. Photo by Philip Alatalo and Bob Campbell. Cladocerans are also found in marine environments.

Banner photo: Tadpole Shrimp by Leslie Pierce

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