The mission of Integrated Behavioral Health is to support individuals, families and communities on their journey to wellness. Our vision for the people of the North Slope is to achieve joy, health and well-being, while growing stronger together in a safe community, with increasing hope for better lives.

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Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH)

IBH provides counseling services for adults and children, across the North Slope of Alaska. We offer support with mental health, substance and alcohol abuse, relationship issues, domestic violence, sexual abuse, early intervention and many other concerns.  We provide individual assessments to assist with residential treatment centers and outpatient services. IBH conducts individual and group sessions at our locations in Barrow or by video teleconferencing with other North Slope locations. IBH personnel regularly travel to the villages to offer in-person services and to provide outreach. IBH provides 24-Hour crisis intervention services for all communities on the North Slope.

Matsutani Community Resource Center

Matsutani is an extension of IBH, also offering counseling services. This location accommodates group sessions, educational training and community events. Matsutani is structured to offer services after 5pm to meet the needs of the community.

Gathering Place (GP)

Gathering Place is a day program for adults impacted by severe and persistent mental illness. We offer support with everyday issues, teaching life skills while providing a safe and social environment. Gathering Place is a part of Integrated Behavioral Health providing counseling services for adults and assistance with state and local resources. 


Integrated Behavioral Health
5200 Karluk St.| Barrow, AK 99723
PH: 907-852-0366 | Fax: 907-852-0268
Trinidad Ruiz, Behavioral Health Program Manager

Matsutani Community Resource Center
1402 Natchiq St. | Barrow, AK 99723
PH: 907-852-0288 | Fax: 907-852-4229
Trinidad Ruiz, Behavoral Health Program Manager

Gathering Place
5326 Laura Madison | Barrow, AK 99723
PH: 907-852-0402 | Fax: 907852-6210
Fay Callam, Clinician/GP Supervisor


Integrated Behavioral Health is National Accredited by CARF, The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.