November 2018

November 2018 North Slope News

March / April 2016

It was truly humbling to be appointed mayor by the North Slope Borough Assembly at our April meeting. Even for someone who has spent over a decade [check on exact time] serving on the legislative body of Borough government, there is a steep learning curve associated with understanding all of

January / February 2016

When anyone loses a loved one in a close-knit community like the North Slope, there are tears and sadness and prayers that pour in from every village. When that loss is a young person, the pain seems to be that much harder to bear. Through the pain we understand the

Spring/Summer 2015

During her recent campaign, Mayor Charlotte Brower made a promise to put the need for quality day care across the North Slope at the top of her agenda. As a mother and grandmother, she knew that day care can be critical to a young family trying to make a good

March 2015

As the sun returns our Borough and communities experience the renewal and preparations this time is known for. Congratulations to the High School teams that competed at the State level, particularly to the Wainwright Huskies ladies Basketball team, the Barrow Whaler boys basketball team, and the Barrow Whaler Cheer Team

January_February 2015

There have been some exciting changes that have taken place at the North Slope Borough. The Assembly approved IHLC to be a stand-alone department. My administration and I are pleased to have been involved in this historic occasion which highlights the value the Assembly and this administration place on History,

October_November 2014

The North Slope Borough Fire Department is committed to training The North Slope Borough Fire Department is committed to training – it is their goal to eventually have a certified instructor in every community on the North Slope. In October the Fire Department, in cooperation with the State of Alaska

September 2014 North Slope News

North Slope entities planning for the future Representatives of the North Slope Borough, UIC and BUECI gathered on September 30 and October 1 to discuss options to improving utility infrastructure and services to NARL. Due to the potential off shore oil activity, and transcontinental shipping,

August 2014, North Slope News

Mayor’s Construction Loan Pilot Program Earlier this year, the Housing Solutions Group, in consultation with the Mayor’s Office and community leaders, made a strategic decision to focus on supporting families that want to build their own home. Through the leadership 

July 2014 Issue

For the past two years the North Slope Childcare Team has been working hard to develop sustainable childcare options for the communities in our region. This effort is a striking example of transorganizational collaboration. In this effort many entities have come together to

May_June Newsletter

After enduring nearly forty years of a tax scheme that limited the ability of municipalities to utilize tax receipts to cover operating budget expenses, my team and I were successful in convincing the Alaska Legislature to modify existing tax statutes to provide us more budget flexibility. The bill, HB 379, creates