Final Draft North Slope Regional Energy Plan

“Regional Energy Planning is a way for Alaskans to determine their energy priorities and formulate a concrete, implementable, fundable energy plan. The plans should address energy needed for electricity, heating and transportation. Each energy region can craft a specific action plan to ensure a less expensive, more reliable, efficient and sustainable energy future.” ‐ Alaska Energy Authority

Goals of plan:

The overall goal of the regional energy plan is to develop a detailed and cohesive document that presents a sustainable energy strategy that can reduce energy costs in the region. The planning team has been working closely with the North Slope Borough and regional stakeholders to develop additional goals and objectives that will help to create a framework for energy development in the region.


This plan will contain the following chapters:

1. Introduction – an overview of the regional energy vision, energy issues and goals, methodology, and organization of plan.

2. Regional Background – presenting the physical, demographics, economy and energy use characteristics of the region.

3. Regional Resources – a detailed look at the energy resources of the North Slope Borough region.

4. Community Summaries – a closer look at the eight North Slope Borough communities, their current energy production structure, energy resources and potential energy‐related projects.

5. Implementation Plan – project tables, partners, funding sources and timelines.


The North Slope Borough hired WHPacific to assist with the development of the energy plan that provides a direction for future energy projects with the goal of reducing energy costs while remaining a sustainable resource. Building upon the State of Alaska Energy Authority’s planning efforts, this plan will reflect the three AEA phases, which are as follows:

Phase I: Create Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG), create working draft of energy plan, and locate regional energy resources.

Phase II: SAG meetings, community outreach and input, create project and immediate, short, medium and long‐term goals and priorities, gain community buy‐in.

Phase III: Technical and economic analysis of potential projects, financial models and options, project vetting.

OCT – DEC 2013

•Data Collection & Resource Assessment ‐ Phase I

•Interview Regional Contacts

•Leadership Meetings

JAN – MAY 2014

•Interview Community Contacts

•Draft Resource Inventory

•Develop Draft Plan

JUNE – SEP 2014

•Identify Priority Projects, Opportunities & Recommendations

OCT – DEC 2014

•Review & Revise Draft Plan

•Community Outreach and Comment input

•Finalize Phase II Draft

North Slope Regional Energy Plan Comment Form

Community involvement and input is vital to the success of this Regional Energy Plan. Your input and comments will be greatly appreciated. Please provide your comments below: