Bird Identification Information

Common Birds on the North Slope of Alaska 
This is a photographic list of birds commonly seen on the North Slope of Alaska.  

Bird Identification Charts
Compiled by the AMBCC for the North Slope Borough Subsistence Harvest Documentation project, this document contains pictures of 38 birds commonly seen on the North Slope.

Iñupiaq names of birds occurring on the Colville River delta (1996) Compiled by B. Lawhead, ABR, Inc., Fairbanks, Alaska.

Checklist of birds, Barrow, Alaska (1993) Compiled by D.W. Norton, J. Brower, and B. Macy, Arctic Sivunmun Ilisagvik College, Barrow, Alaska.

Checklist of Alaska Birds, 24th ed., 2018. (UAF)

AMBCC Harvest Survey Form - Local Bird Names Includes Inupiaq bird names used in the North Slope region.

Irving, Laurence. 1953. The naming of birds by Nunamiut Eskimo. Arctic 6:1 (35-43). Irving spent time with Simon Paneak in Anaktuvuk Pass in gathering information for this article.

List of Names of Species on the North Slope This list includes scientific names, common names, and Iñupiat names of animals on the North Slope, including birds.

More resources for birds in Alaska, including the North Slope:

TREC Teacher - Snow Geese and Devegetation on Alaska' North Slope  Read about snow goose banding and more on snow geese from the eyes of a biology teacher working with wildlife biologist, Brian Person.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game Wildlife Notebook Series See this website for more information on birds in Alaska:

Alaska Department of Fish and Game Species Profiles - Birds

Bird Migration Routes Poster Published by USFWS, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Cornell Lab of Ornithology: All About Birds This site provides information on many birds in North America, including sound files of bird calls.

Wings Over Alaska Bird Checklist Find out more about the Wings Over Alaska program at the ADF&G website.

Audubon Alaska Information on birds in Alaska. See their Interactive Map showing the movements of birds that were banded or encountered in the National Petroleum Reserve - Alaska.

Alaska Songbird Institute Education and research organizations studying Alaska's boreal songbirds. This organization replaces the now defunct Alaska Bird Observatory in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Hunter Education and Information

Avian Influenza Monitoring

For information on hunter education and the protection of Steller's eiders, click here. For information on the use of steel shot, click here. For more information on all hunting regulations for the North Slope, see the following:

Alaska Migratory Bird Co-Management Council (AMBCC)

USFWS Alaska Waterfowl Hunters

ADF&G Subsistence Regulations

What to do if you find a bird with a band?

Call 1-800-327-BAND (2263) or report band online at or call our office at 852-0350 for help.

Bird Banding Poster

Banner photo credit: Kate Stafford