Other Bowhead Anatomy and Physiology Studies

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Drawing of a bowhead whale skeleton. (Drawing by Craig George and Hans Thewissen)

Drawing of a bowhead whale skeleton. Drawing by Craig George and Hans Thewissen.

Drawing of skeleton including placement of some of the internal organs. By Craig George and Hans Thewissen.

THE THEWISSEN LAB: WHALE ORIGINS RESEARCH Presentation of research conducted by the laboratory of Dr. Hans Thewissen of NEOUCOM (Northeastern Ohio Universities Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy).  Dr. Thewissen discovered a missing link between whales and their four-footed terrestrial ancestors. More information can be found on Dr. Thewissen Facebook page.

Greenland Whale Pelvis A clip art image of a Greenland whale (close relative to the bowhead) pelvis for students to cut out.

Bowhead whale femur (smaller bone) and pelvis (larger bone) from bowhead whale.

Bowhead whale femur (smaller bone) and pelvis (larger bone) from bowhead whale. Photo: Craig George