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Ecosystems of Northern Alaska Poster Produced by Torre Jorgenson, ABR, Inc., Fairbanks, AK, and Michael Heiner, The Nature Conservancy, Seattle, WA.


Alaska Native Heritage Program: Botany  Here you will find information on rare and invasive plant species in Alaska.

Alaska Native Plant Society  A non-profit organization dedicated to stuyding and conserving Alaska native plants.

Alutiiq Museum - Our Plants

Arctic Flora of Canada and Alaska  A work in progress, aimed at producing an interactive site for plants in the Arctic region of North America.

CAFF Floral Group Here you will find access to data collected and developed through the activities of the Conservation of Arctic Flora & Fauna (CAFF) and Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME) Working Groups of the Arctic Council. The aim of this service is to make available data generated through the activities of CAFF and PAME. The site is under development and data will be added as it becomes available

Circle District Historical Society Online photographic plant collection at the Museum in Central, Alaska (near Circle Hot Springs).

Common Trees of Alaska Prepared by the Alaska Region of the US Forest Service, with the US Department of Agriculture.

Flora of North America Online version of the multiple volumes in the Flora of North America.

Flora of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago  An electronic database identifying about 350 species of plants found in the Canadian arctic, including pictures. Authors: S.G. Aiken, M.J. Dallwitz, L.L. Consaul, C.L. McJannet, L.J. Gillespie, R.L. Boles, G.W. Argus, J.M. Gillett, P.J. Scott, R. Elven, M.C. LeBlanc, A.K. Brysting and H. Solstad

A Guide to the Ethnobotany of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Region This downloadable pdf document was the result of a collaboration between western-trained botanists and anthropologists and many elders of the Yukon-Kuskokwim region.

International Tundra Experiment A collaborative effort of scientists from 11 countries who are monitoring plants of the tundra ecosystem and documenting their responses to environmental changes.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center An online native plant database, searchable by state.

NSB-DWM Nutrition Studies Information on Traditional Foods

Toolik-Arctic Geobotanical Atlas Geobotanical maps and related materials (including plant photo library) supported by the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

UAA's Identification of Salix Key Keys produced by George Argus of Ottowa, Canada, and hosted by the Alaska Natural Heritage Program of the University of Alaska Anchorage.

University of Alaska Museum of the North: Herbarium Collection Search the collection of more than 260,000 plants. 

UA MUSEUM OF THE NORTH: INTERACTIVE Carex KEY Useful for identification of sedge species on the North Slope.

Banner photo credit: Craig George