Acceptable Waste Guidlines

Landfill Bin / Dumpster (27 Cubic Yards)

*** Cannot be piled over the bin's top edge ***

May be put in bin / dumpster May not be put in bin / dumpster
Banding Aerosol cans
Batteries, small alkaline or carbon in small quantities Chemicals or hazardous waste
Cable with insulation, non-recyclable Food waste
Concrete, set up, less than 1 drum Free liquids
Electrical ballast, non-PCB Gravel or snow
Electrical wire, small pieces Incinerator ash, molecular sieve, sandblast sand
Flexible duct, "elephant trunk" Oily waste
Glass Refrigeration equipment with Freon and/or oil
Hoses Timbers larger than 10 feet
Insulation (NO asbestos)  
Metal cuttings (free of oil)  
Pails & buckets, metal or plastic (empty & free of all fluids  
Paint cans/buckets (empty & dry)  
Paper products that are bagged  
Piping, plastic & metal (cut to less than 4 foot lengths)  
Pit liner material (free of oil contamination, NO free liquids, cannot be larger than 20 feet by 20 feet)  
Tires, (cut up if larger than 20 inch diameter rims)  
Welding rod  
Wood & broken pallets (cannot stick up over top of bin)  

Oily Waste Bin / Dumpster (20 cubic yards with a liner)

*** Cannot be piled over the bins top edge ***

May be put in bin / dumpster May not be put in bin / dumpster
Grease or pipe dope cans (empty & wiped clean) Chemicals or hazardous waste
Kitchen grease and oil in leak proof containers Free liquids
Oil filters (punctured with 1/4" hold & hot drained) Aerosol cans, batteries
Oil filters, cloth (drained) Food waste
Oily pit liner material cut < 4' x 25' long, rolled and tied (no free liquid, dirt, or gravel) Contaminated gravel or snow
Sorbents, rags, floor sweepings Free liquids in bags
Oily waste debris containing only NON-hazardous or RCRA exempt waste Sorbents / rags contaminated with RCRA hazardous wastes including: paint, thinner, solvent (acetone, toluene, xylene, hexane, chlorinated products)

Haul All (Bear Proof) Bin / Dumpster (6 Cubic yards with a lid/top)

*** All items must be bagged ***

May be put in bin / dumpster May not be put in bin / dumpster
Food waste Loose material of any kind
Kitchen garbage Empty chemical sacks
Lightweight cans & containers Banded cardboard pallets
Styrofoam Kitchen grease
  Oily waste bags