The Roads, Airports & Sanitation Division is responsible for road maintenance in all NSB communities; Class III Landfills, solid waste collection and disposal in all villages; Class II Landfill, solid waste collection and disposal and the operation of the Barrow Thermal Oxidation System; potable water truck delivery with ADEC certified equipment; and repair and maintain all NSB owned airports.


VACANT, Division Manager
Phone: (907) 852-0489
Fax: (907) 852-0251

Ken Slatton, Assistant to the Division Manager
Phone: (907) 852-0489

RA&S Anaktuvuk Pass, AK

Fred Gordon, Village Services Supervisor
Bernice Bifelt, Senior Office Specialist
Phone: (907) 661-3511
Fax: (907) 661-3444

RA&S Atqasuk

Richard Bourdeaux, Village Services Supervisor
Shirley Kagak, Senior Office Specialist
Phone: (907) 633-6322
Fax: (907) 633-6326

RA&S Barrow

Robert Fischer Jr., Barrow Roads Supervisor
Phone: (907) 852-0342
Fax: (907) 852-0326
Christian Caoile, Barrow Sanitation Supervisor
Phone: (907) 852-0349

RA&S Kaktovik

Thomas Brower, Village Services Supervisor
Juanita Akootchook, Office Specialist
Phone: (907) 640-6514
Fax: (907) 640-6126

RA&S Nuiqsut

Thomas Nukapigak, Village Services Supervisor
Sandra Hopson, Office Clerk
Phone: (907) 480-6223
Fax: (907) 480-6222

RA&S Point Hope

Russell Lane, Village Servies Supervisor
Debbie Koenig, Office Clerk
Phone: (907) 368-2233
Fax: (907) 368-2613

RA&S Point Lay

Bill Tracey, Jr., Village Services Supervisor
Oliver Henry, Office Specialist
Phone: (907) 833-1358
Fax: (907) 833-2320

RA&S Wainwright

Edwin Tazruk, Village Serices Supervisor
Misty Ahmaogak, Senior Office Specialist
Phone: (907) 763-2915
Fax: (907) 763-2171