Alzred "Steve" Oomittuk, Chairman
Point Hope & Point Lay
Seat D 
Term ending 11/30/17

Rob Elkins, At Large
Seat B 
Term ending 11/30/17

Jacob Ahgook, Anaktuvuk Pass
Nuiqsut & Kaktovik 
Seat E  
Term ending 11/30/2017

Joseph Ahmaogak
Atqasuk & Wainwright
Seat A  
Term: 11/30/19

Max Ahgeak
Seat C  
Term ending 11/30/17


There is established an Electric Enterprise Board.

(Ord. 81-24-3, passed 2-6-01)

§ 14.17.020 MEMBERSHIP.

(A) Membership of the Electric Enterprise Board will be composed of five members which shall include one representative from the North Slope Borough Department of Administration and Finance, one representative from the North Slope 7Borough Department of Municipal Services, and three members who are residents of the North Slope Borough.

(B) The Mayor shall appoint each member of the Electric Enterprise Board subject to approval of the Assembly.

(Ord. 81-24-3, passed 2-6-01)


(A) Each member of the Electric Enterprise Board will serve for a period of three years.

(B) Vacancies on the Electric Enterprise Board shall be filled upon appointment by the Mayor subject to approval of the Assembly.

(Ord. 81-24-3, passed 2-6-01)

§ 14.17.040 POWERS AND DUTIES.

The Electric Enterprise Board shall:

(A) In accordance with the requirements of North Slope Borough Code § 3.03.060 maintain the Electric Enterprise Fund in accordance with the North Slope Borough Charter, North Slope Borough ordinances and applicable federal and state laws and regulations;

(B) Comply with all the duties and obligations set forth in North Slope Borough Code § 3.17.010 including, but not limited to, the adoption of any annual budget to be submitted to the North Slope Borough Mayor for concurrence not later than February 1 of each fiscal year;

(C) Obtain such information as necessary to make recommendations concerning the operation and maintenance of North Slope Borough Power and Light; and

(D) Choose its Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson and establish such rules and procedures it deems necessary for conducting its meetings.

(Ord. 81-24-3, passed 2-6-01; Am. Ord. 2012-02, passed 7-10-12)