IHLC and the Iñupiat Heritage Center take great pride in the many programs and projects we do to preserve and perpetuate the Iñupiaq language in our local communities and for the general public. IHLC has worked with Rosetta Stone to create an Iñupiatun version of this award winning language learning software, that is made available at no cost to the public through free online licences. The IHLC Commission has also made it a top priority to further IHLC's efforts to educate people in the Iñupiaq language.

The Iñupiat Heritage Center has two computers open to anyone that wants to learn the Iñupiaq language. These will be open for use from 8:30–12:00 and 1:00- 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Aarigaa, iñupiallaaruni suli kaniqsiļļaruni!

It’s good to speak and understand the language.
Come and Learn!

Below are some of the language learning programs and projects IHLC has implimented:

Rosetta Stone - Iñupiatun

Rosetta Stone - Iñupiatun - Online Registration - Fill out, sign, send to to gain access to this exciting program, completely free of charge.

Rosetta Stone - Iñupiatun - Online

Learning Resources

Iñupiatun Utqiaġviŋmiutun

Inupiaq - Singular/Dual/Plural

Sea Ice Terminology

Whaling Vocabulary

Wildlife - Species Names

Clothing/Sewing Vocabulary