The mission of the Department of Iñupiat History, Language and Culture is to document, preserve and perpetuate the history, language and culture of the North Slope Region.

The Department accomplishes this mission by:

  • Leading Iñupiaq language revitalization efforts;
  • Collecting and documenting cultural information;
  • Publishing material pertaining to Iñupiat history, language and culture;
  • Making culturally relevant materials more easily and widely available;
  • Provide translation services to North Slope Borough departments as needed;
  • Researching and developing educational, historical and cultural materials for enrichment of classroom use by working in close cooperation with all stakeholders;
  • By utilizing the Iñupiat Heritage Center and the Simon Paneak Memorial Museum as dynamic repositories and conveyors of traditional cultural knowledge, values and skills;
  • By collecting, recording, preserving, documenting, displaying and interpreting artifacts and other associated materials relating to the history, culture and traditions of the Iñupiat people;

Drawing upon this reservoir of knowledge, the Museums assume an active and supportive role in local and Borough wide cultural awareness, enrichment and educational programs.

The Department’s actions help fulfill the North Slope Borough’s founding commitment to document, preserve and perpetuate its Iñupiaq heritage.

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Iñupiat Heritage Center 
Barrow, Alaska

Simon Paneak Memorial Museum
Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska

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Kathy Itta-Ahgeak, Director
Phone Number: (907) 852-0422
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